Ashrama Activities

Spiritual Activities

Spiritual Activities of Mangaluru Math

Ramakrishna's main teachings included God-realization as the supreme goal of life. In this regard, Ramakrishna Math Mangaluru organising various service activities at regular intervals for the devotees of the ashram.

Bhava Sangama – Bhakta Samagama

Bhava Sangama – Bhakta Samagama is an annual three-day residential devotees’ convention organized with the objective of propagating the messages of the Holy Trio through discourses, interactive sessions, devotional songs and cultural events. Bhagavat Seva has been the ideal of the Math since its inception. Manifestation of the potential divinity of souls is the essence […]

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Daily Worship and Prayer

Ramakrishna Math at Mangalore has a shrine dedicated to Sri Ramakrishna and a meditation cum prayer hall, where daily worship, prayers, bhajans etc are conducted. The temple opens at 5.45 am followed by Mangalarati. Later the students of Balakashrama chant Vedic hymns, verses from Gita and other prayers for about half an hour. Daily worship […]

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Weekly Discourses

Weekly discourses are conducted in our Ashrama every Wednesday and Sunday. On Wednesdays, discourse is on the Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna from 5.15 pm to 6.00 pm in Kannada. On Sundays, Swami Jitakamanandaji, In charge of Mangalore Ashrama, speaks on some scriptures & other topics related to spiritual life from 5.00 pm to 6.00 pm […]

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Important festivals like Sri Krishna Janmashtami, Ganesha Chaturthi, Durga Puja (Mahanavami), Sri Ramanavami, Sri Tulasi Puja, Sri Shankara Jayanthi, Sri Buddha Purnima etc are observed with due solemnity. Birthdays of saints like Sri Ramakrishna, Sri Sharada Devi, Swami Vivekananda are celebrated in a suitable manner with special worship, havan etc. All the devotees are provided […]

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Antaryoga – Spiritual Retreats

Occasional spiritual retreats (full days) are conducted in our Ashrama for the benefit of the interested devotees. The features include registration, Archana of Sri Ramakrishna, Lectures by guest sadhus, cultural programmes in the afternoon and guided meditation sessions. The participating delegates are provided with morning tea and snacks, lunch and evening tea on that day.

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Japa Yajna

Japa Yajna is the ‘sacrifice of the silent repetition of the holy name.’ Participating in the Japa Yajna is an opportunity for devotees who have received initiation from the gurus of the Ramakrishna Order, to perform Japa (repetition of God’s name) continually for half a day. Japa Yajna is conducted occasionally. Prior registration is required.

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Sharada Mahila Vrinda

Many female devotees of the Math inspired by the teachings of the Holy Trio have formed this ladies’ group. They meet once a week at the ashram to practice bhajans, chanting and the study of the scriptures. They also volunteer in many of the activities of the Ashrama.

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