Spiritual Activities

Daily Worship and Prayer

Ramakrishna Math at Mangalore has a shrine dedicated to Sri Ramakrishna and a meditation cum prayer hall, where daily worship, prayers, bhajans etc are conducted. The temple opens at 5.45 am followed by Mangalarati. Later the students of Balakashrama chant Vedic hymns, verses from Gita and other prayers for about half an hour. Daily worship of Sri Ramakrishna is performed by a monk of the ashrama at about 7.30 am. The shrine closes at 12 noon and reopens at 3.30 pm. Sandhyarati starts at 6.30 pm followed by bhajans. At about 8.15 pm the shrine is closed for the day.

On Ekadashi days, Special worship of Ramachandra is performed after the Nitya Puja of Sri Ramakrishna. Sri Ramnam Sankirtan is sung on all Ekadashi days after the Sandhyarati in the evening.