Ashrama Activities

Cultural Activities

Cultural Activites of Mangaluru Math

Ramakrishna Math Mangaluru can proudly claim to have promoted the vibrant culture of the land. Every year we organize Yakshagaana, Taalamaddale, Ashtaavadhaana, Gamakavaachana, Vaachanagaayana and many other cultural programs promoting the local arts and artists. Our YouTube channel by the name Mangaluru Ramakrishna Mission has until now garnered around 80,000 subscribers in its mission of disseminating Cultural and Spiritual knowledge.

Panchamada Inchara

Ramakrishna Math, Mangaluru in association with Chiranthana Charitable Trust, Surathkal organise the Hindustani Musical Festival, every year, which provides a platform for the distinguished artists of the country to showcase their talent before the music lovers of Mangaluru. Maestros of different genres like the flute, shehnai, sitar, table, vocal and Dasavani enthral the audience in […]

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Carnatic Music Programs

Ramakrishna Math in association with Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Mangalore & Sangeetha Parishat organises Carnatic musical concerts. Reputed artists like Malladi Brothers, T M Krishna, Ramakrishna Murthy, Sandeep Narayan, Sid Sriram, Abhishek Raghuram & many others presented their concerts on the ashram platform.

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Yakshagana Programs

Ramakrishna Math, Mangaluru in association with Vibhinna, Mangaluru is organizing a Special Yakshagana Programme, every year in Swami Vivekananda Auditorium. This programme promotes local arts and artists.

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Art Camps

In association with Karantha Abhimani Balaga Ramakrishna Math Mangaluru organize “Srijana” – Art camp for students from different institutions in and around Mangaluru. Ganesh Somayaji, Mohan Kumar Permude, Dinesh Holla, Venki Pallimar, Veena Shrinivas and many Internationally renowned artists train the students on different forms of art which also results in mindfulness.

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