Swacch Mangaluru Abhiyan

Pot Composting

The concept of pot composting for wet waste management was introduced by providing pot composters at subsidized rates to 5000 households in Mangaluru. The training was offered to convert organic kitchen waste into natural manure. This resulted in managing nearly 5 tons of kitchen waste at source or houses.

Process: Composting through Hermi Pot is an easy, simple and eco-friendly way of converting kitchen waste into organic manure. Hermi Pot is compatible. It does not require machines, fuel, electricity or heavy maintenance. Neither does it need large space nor big investment. It is suitable for small families of three to five members generating up to 2 kg kitchen waste per day. This simple yet significant technique requires a unit of three earthen pots and a bag of coconut fiber. This method is widely used all over the country and it has numerous advantages. The organic manure produced contributes towards a cleaner, greener earth. The pots are procured from the village potters promoting rural empowerment. It provides much needed support to the administration in disposal of garbage in a scientific way thus reducing the use of landfills.