Social Activities

Covid Relief Work

On request from the Mangalore city police commissioner as also Mangalore city corporation, our Ashrama joined hands with the authorities in sensitizing the people against coming out of their houses, creating awareness in them also putting efforts to remove their panic against the lock-down imposed on the nation.

About 200 volunteers of Ashrama worked hand-in-hand with the police & authorities and visited various areas in the city and convinced the people to stay in their homes for their own safety and sensitized them about hand-washing etc. They marked in front of different shops to help people maintain a safe distance from each other while standing in Ques for purchases. They also dissuaded the public and motorists from moving on roads unnecessarily. This greatly helped in the fight against COVID-19. Our volunteers also used masks, hand sanitisers & social distancing while heeding the call of the hour and distributing to the needy public too. And thousands of grocery Kits, masks, and sanitiser were distributed to needy families in different areas of Mangalore City.