Samay Sangeet Yatra – Panchamada Inchara – Music Fest : A Report

On January 14th Makara Sankranti festival began with Udayalapa of Dattatreya Velankar, Bangalore, disciple of Pt. Vinayak Toravi. He recited morning ragas Bilaskhani Todi, Bibhas and Alaiyya Bilawal. He was accompanied on Harmonium by Balnad Sriram Bhat, Mysore and on Tabla by Tonse Ranga Pai, Manipal.

Pt. Dhananjay Daitankar’s, disciple of Pt. Shivakumar Sharma, Shata-tantri or Santoor concert followed in the Samay Sangeeta Yatra. His mastery over Santoor was well established in his performance of rag Parameshwari, a Carnatic rag which resembles rag Ahir Bhairav and rag Bageshree. He was ably accompanied on Tabla by Sameer Puntambekar, Pune.

Noonday performance was given by Pt. Indudhar Nirodi, encyclopedia of music and senior artist. He is now involved in the mega project of recording all Vishnunarayan Bhatkhande’s works. Nuances of music were explored and introduced to the audience and students of music by him. He explained how Rag Bilawal with a light touch of rag Yaman creates a new rag Yamani Bilawal. Then sang the bandish in vilambit Tilwada taal and ‘Piya bin Kaise’ in dhrit Teen taal. Then Bandish ‘Pariye Payan’ was rendered in rag Jonpuri and ‘Aj sunao’ in rag Devgandhar. Guruprasad Hegde Giligundi, Sirsi on Harmonium and Gurumurty Vaidya on Tabla joined him.

All the music lovers were served with festival lunch to savour along with the the music for the soul.

Afternoon concert was given by Ravikiran Manipal, disciple of Pt. Madhav Bhat and Pt. Narayan Pandit. He selected Gandhar vaadi ragas Bhimpalas and Multani for Samay Sangeet Yaatra for his music presentation. Guruprasad Hegde on Harmonium and Shashikiran Manipal on Harmonium joined their hands.

Sarangi-Sitar jugalbandi by Ustad Fayaz Khan and Ustad Rafiq Khan in the late afternoon was the star performance. They showed beautifully how jugalbandi expounds nuances and possibilities of a rag using different instruments. Being a singer Ustad Fayaz Khan also sang the Bandish ‘Kal nahi aye’. They were accompanied deftly in tabla by tabla maestro Gurumuty Vaidya.

Two day music fest met its summit in the performance of Dr. Ashwini Bhide Deshpande of Jaipur-Atrauli gharana. Eloquent rendition of Sandhiprakashak rag Shree was followed by rag Durga, Janasammohini. Kabir bhajan in Bharavi marked the grand end to the fest. Vyasamurty Katti on Harmonium and Gurumurty Vaidya on Tabla accompanied her.

On this occasion Narendra Nayak, Vice President, Sangeeta Bharati and Harmonium artist was honoured. Soulful music of the fest Panchamada Inchara-Viveka Smriti created a musical aura in the pious atmosphere of the Math. Swami Vivekananda himself was a great musician and musicologist, thus the Concluding Ceremony of 150th Birth Anniversary Celebrations of Swami Vivekananda was made more meaningful.

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