The Gen Next Leader Discovery Contest


The goal of the GenNext Leader Discovery Contest is to discover GenNext Leaders among the youth today. GenNext Leaders are very different from many ‘leaders’ we see today. They are individuals who combine character with capacity, values with effective action, and ideals with a practical mind. In short, GenNext Leaders have the potential to become global citizens and nation-builders of the 21st Century.

These are the very qualities that Swami Vivekananda wanted in the youth of today. The GenNext Leader Discovery Contest is organized as part of the 150th Birthday Celebrations of Swami Vivekananda. The GenNext Leader Discovery Contest aims to identify youth who have the qualities of a GenNext Leader in abundance and encourage each of them to manifest these qualities in all aspects of their lives.

Unlike most competitions which test your skills and talents (sports, music, academics, general knowledge etc.), the GenNext Leader Discovery Contest assesses your potential for becoming a GenNext Leader in the years to come. This means evaluating your mindsets, attitudes, approach to life, capacity to engage with others, and your willingness to commit yourself towards a larger purpose in your life.

How to participate in this competition


1. Go to ‘’ web site and choose ‘Online competition’ option from programme menu. Click on the registration button on the screen. This will take you to the registration screen.
2. Register for the contest by filling out the registration form. Make sure you fill out all the necessary details in the registration form.
3. There is no entry fee.
4. In the stage I – qualifier round, you will have the option to answer in Hindi or English. Subsequent stages will be in English only

Stage 1: Qualifier Round

1. Log on to the quiz online and answer 48 multiple-choice questions in ½ hour. The clock will be shown on your screen at all times.
2. In each question, you will be given 4 options. Choose the most appropriate answer as per your own thinking. Once you have made your choice, go ahead and click on it to confirm your answer.
Remember that once you have confirmed an answer for a question, it is stored as your final answer to that question.
3. You will receive your Leadership Quotient at the end.

Next Stages:

Those of you who will qualify for the next stage, will be intimated by E-mail before 20th Aug’ 12 along with necessary instructions for next stage. In the last stage, select group of candidates will be invited to Delhi for a 2-day intensive session with esteemed judges and a range of interactive tests/ competitive events. All expenses for travel and stay will be taken care of by Ramakrishna Mission, New Delhi.

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