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  1. I like to know more details of this Jnanavahini service. Which are places it covers and when? Is there a library in the van? My residence is near Thokkotu. When can I see this van here?

    1. Dear Sri Rajesh,
      This is our newly launched Mobile bookstall on the occasion of Swami Vivekananda\’s 150th Birth Anniversary. This is more of a bookstall and not a library. We try to visit all the educational institutions (once they reopen) with this vehicle with the intention of spreaing the life and message of Swamiji among the youths. Meanwhile we try to park this vehicle and try to sell books in all the religious festivities and fares in and around Mangalore. If there is some big programme or possibility of huge gathering near thokkottu you may please inform us the details. If our vehicle is free then we shall try to come there with it.
      You are welcome to visit our Ashrama at your convenience.

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