Ramakrishna Mission Balakashrama

Started in 1951, The Balakashrama provides FREE boarding, lodging and educational facilities to about 70 students belonging to the economically backward families coming from the rural area, irrespective of caste or creed. The Balakashrama also provides uniforms, textbooks, notebooks, school fees etc to the students.


In the Balakashrama, the boys are encouraged to cultivate virtuous tendencies, acquire the art of social duty, develop refined tastes, cultivate self respect, reason and common-sense.


One of the important features is that the boys are allowed to manage the affairs of the Balakashrama, including the upkeep of the premises, gaining thereby the spirit of self reliance, dignity of labour, co-operation and personal effort.


They participate in the daily routine of the Math such as the morning and evening congregational prayer. They are also taught to chant Vedic Hymns, Bhagavadgitha etc.


The boys are admitted after a simple written test. They should be from poor families and preferably from rural area and must have fared well in the 7th std. exams. They will be admitted for three years in the Balakashrama and after completing the 10th std exams they return back to their homes.



Sharada Library

The Mission has Sharada Library which has around 8000 books on religion, philosophy, culture, yoga, history, life and teachings of saints and many other interesting topics. It has a spacious reading room and the members can borrow books to home for reading. It has an audio cassette – CD section also..